Guardian Damp Proofing – Our Work Projects, North Wales & Cheshire

We were asked by our client on Anglesey to carry out a damp survey. Our damp survey found high levels of damp in the walls, in some areas saturated levels. There was also very little ventilation within the room and black mould spoors on the walls. After careful examination on the outside of the property we found that there were defects on the outside wall allowing water to penetrate and cause penetrating damp.  Our quotation was accepted, and the works were booked in.

Before we started, the most important element for Guardian Damp proofing is to keep the areas as clean and tidy as possible when carrying out the works. Tidy and clear as we go, minimal mess. We only work with Sovereign chemicals products, therefore on each job we summit our damp proposals to Sovereign who provide us with a specification which we follow to the letter. Sovereign Chemicals then underwrite and guarantee our work for 10 Years.

 We started by removing all the plaster and plasterboard back to the blockwork, we found that the cavity wall was filled with foam which was bridging the gap and allowing the damp to penetrate right through to the inside walls. Along with no ventilation no way for the moisture in the room to escape thus causing condensation and the result being black mould on the walls.

After we completely removed the plaster and plasterboard, we cleaned the block work and applied an antisulphate. The antisulphate wash is used to treat damp, salt affected masonry. We allowed this to dry for 24 hours. We also drill cored 2 number slots and installed 2 airbricks to allow ventilation to the property.

The next stage was to apply a SBR bonding coat applied to the blockwork on top of the anti sulpate wash. Again, this was then left for 24 hours to dry.

Guardian Damp Proofing then applied the K.11 waterproof slurry coat. This is a tanking system which prevents both damp and water penetration.

We retested the walls at this stage with our damp meter, our client was surprised to see that there was no sign of damp and very pleased.

This system was then left for 2-3 weeks to fully dry before we re-plaster boarded and plastered with Sovereign renderlite finishing plater, the finish allows the walls to breath.

Once we had finished, all areas were cleaned thoroughly